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/Diameter 45*97mm Empty Aerosol Tin Can for Car Care Products

Diameter 45*97mm Empty Aerosol Tin Can for Car Care Products

Dia45*97mm Brake Cleaner for Car Cleaner Products Guangzhou Manufactuer
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Product Details

Guangdong Sihai Iron-Printing and Tin-Making Co., Ltd

aerosol tin can manufacturer     

Product's Detail

Type Necked-in can/straight wall can
Height 80mm-310 mm
Diameter Φ45/ 52 /57/60/65/70mm
Thickness for can body   0.18/0.19/0.20/0.21mm Tinplate
Thickness for cap & buttom 0.28/0.32/0.35/0.40/0.43mm  Tinplate
Tinplate Can Usage empty tinplate can for hair spray, air freshener, anti-fogging agent, shaving foam,prefume spray, paint spray , some car care chemicals and so on
Printing four color(CMYK) printing and spot colors
Pressure  Deformation pressure:≥1.20/ ≥1.80Mpa   MpaBurst pressure:≥1.40 Mpa/≥2.0Mpa

" Big Munafacturer "

Our company covers an area of 55,000 m . 

We can manufacture 6 sizes of aerosol cans namely diameters of 45mm,52mm,57mm,60mm,65mm,70mm. 

Our products include necked-in tin cans,straight tin cans,normal pressure tin cans and high pressure tin cans, which have a height range of 80mm to 310mm. 

We adopt tinplate,one of the top tinplate materials, as our raw materials.

company information

Our workshop:

iron stock


    Iron Stock

    our company's long-term inventory of         

    various specifications of tinplate 

    adequate tinplate inventory ensure the need of the        market.



aerosol tin can warehouse


    our warehouse can keep 8 million pcs can in stock.

   we usually use pallets to packing.

   we accept pallets packing and carton packing.

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