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/Automatic Spray Products Break Cleaner Car Care Spray Products Use Aerosol Tin Can

Automatic Spray Products Break Cleaner Car Care Spray Products Use Aerosol Tin Can

car care aerosol packing; automatic aerosol spray products; car care cleaning; aerosol spray tin can for car care packing
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    CMYK/Pantone Color
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Product Details

The car cleaner includes a collecting part having a collecting space to collect dust or foreign substances; a suction/discharge pipe of which one side is coupled with the collecting part to be in communication there with, and which has a suction and spray nozzle configured to transfer the dust or the foreign substances in the car to the collecting part.

Why Choose Guangdong Sihai Aerosol?

  • 25 years experieced in aerosol industry
  • In aerosol can factory, 7 sizes with various pressure need can be specific customized based on your requirements!
  • Even we can customize can tops to make your cans specific.
  • Here you will get  one stop service for your order!
  • all process of aerosol production are made by ourself
  • No matter you place the sample order or mass order, your actual can pictures will always be sent for approval before shipping out!
  • Any problems regarding the production process will be kept updated to you timely.
  • Most important, any damage or loss caused by our side, we will be responsible to solve the problem to satisfy you! 

Sihai Aerosol Tin Can

Aerosol Tin Can Production Process

Step 1: Iron-cutting——cutting the roll raw tinplate to suitable sizes for diameter 45mm, 52mm, 57mm, 60mm, 65mm, 70mm cans.

Step 2: Tin-printing——color printing according by customer's design (CMYK colors) with imported Japan FUJI machine

Step 3: Cone & Dome Pressing——clear oil coating tinplate pressing cone & dome for diameter 45mm, 52mm, 57mm, 60mm, 65mm, 70mm cans sizes.

Step 4: Aerosol can making——10 production lines making tin cans for security delivery time, SOUDRONIC welding machine, air inspection machine and infrared ray auto-inspection machines for quality products

Step 5: Aerosol can packing——packing with pallets or carton


aerosol can tin cuttingaerosol can printingaerosol top and bottomaerosol can makingaerosol can packingaerosol can delivery

Paking details


  • special carton 24pcs/carton, 80pcs/carton
  • normal carton 144pcs/carton, 96pcs/carton

Paper pallets or wooden pallets:

  • 20 container (16 pallets/20GP)
  • 40 container (36 pallets/40HQ)                                             

The quantoty of the first order can be small, but if your products need to be prinited, then the first order should be meet our minimum quantity. The MOQ is depends on the size of aerosol can diameter and height.

Delivery details: normal can be shipped within 15 days after order and pay the deposit


Aerosol Packing

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