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Two Types of Aerosol Tinplate Cans 2019 / 05 / 10

In appearance, Aerosol tinplate canister can be divided into 2 types: Necked-In Aerosol Tinplate Cans and Straight Wall Aerosol Tinplate Cans. The standard control these 2 types can which are made by Guangdong Sihai are as below. Most distinction is the tin thickness. And the pressure is in accordance with national standard.

Necked-in aerosol cans are extremly durable and it is the most popular and widely used aerosol tinplate cans. It also the mainly type of aerosol cans produced by Guangdong Sihai. Used to packege from personal care and household to automative aerosol spray products, necked-in aerosol tin cans won a huge market and the supplier faces fierce competition.

tin cans

Diameter 65mm Necked-In Aerosol Tinplate Cans


Cans Body Thickness:0.20mm

Cans Cone Thickness:0.32mm

Cans Dome Thickness:0.32mm

Deformation Pressure:≥1.35Mpa

Bursting Pressure:≥1.50Mpa

Srtaight wall aerosol tin cans is normally used for butanne gas can or camping gas can. The design of straight wall is largely adaptive to the gas stove. Now, Guangdong Sihai can supplier 2 types of pressure of straight wall aerosol tinplate cans, normal standard and high pressure can. Certainy, straight wall cans also can be used to pack some car care products like spray paint or automative cleaning products, and it depends on the customer special needs.

tin cans

Diameter 65mm Straight-Wall Aerosol Tinplate Cans


Cans Body Thickness:0.21mm

Cans Cone Thickness:0.35mm

Cans Dome Thickness:0.32mm

Deformation Pressure:≥1.35Mpa

Bursting Pressure:≥1.50Mpa

All empty aerosol tinplate cans products are manufactured by the standard of GB13042:2008 and ISO901:2008. Guangdong Sihai, as the manufacture over 20 years in aerosol industry, have been working on supplying quality products and service for all clients .

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