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Snow Spray Can Introduction 2019 / 05 / 17

Nowadays, aerosol tin can are becoming more widely used. According to the use of the products , we can divided into three types as follows:

Car Care Products: Lubricants, release agents, car cleaner, refrigerant, multifunctional foam,  spray paint, air freshener, wax polish and so on.

Household and Personal Products: Deodorizer spray, butane gas, insecticide killer, shave foam, snow spray, hair spray, body spray, deodorant, shoes polish and so on.

Industrial Products: anionic surfactants, rust proofing agents, detergents, AW additives, EP additives, mould release agent, dedust agent, anti-rust agent and so on.

Today, we mainly introduce snow spray can. Snow spray are using in various celebrations. Like party, wedding, festivals celebrations and so on.

Diameter 45mm Empty Aerosol Tin Can

Size : 45*130mm

Printing: outside CMYK printing/inside gold  lacquered

Thickness: 0.2mm

Deformation pressure: ≥1.35Mpa

Bursting pressure: ≥1.5Mpa.

Common sizes of snow spray for your  reference:
Diameter 45*130mm for 200ml
Diameter 52*118mm  for 300ml.
Diameter 52*160mm for 350ml.
Diamater 65*180mm for 550ml.
Diameter 65*210mm  for 600ml.


It should also be noted that snow spray should never be allowed to contact the fire source to avoid " snow spray" becoming " fire-breathing".  At the same time, when using snow spray, remember not to spray on other people's face. If you accidentally spray your eyes, immediately wash with water or seek medical attention immediately.

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