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Popular Aerosol Air Freshener 2019 / 05 / 04

Air fresheners are widely used mainly for eliminating odor in our daily life, such as home, shopping mall, hotel, company..., which with 3 types of products,

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Aerosol

The most popular form of air freshener is the ones that come in aerosol cans, these tend to be used for eliminating odor for a short period of time, until the fragrance diffuses away.

Our empty aerosol tin can products include sizes diameter 52mm & 65mm for air freshener, the height from 100~240mm, customized printing in CMYK or Pantone color, with or without inner coating.

The products by Guangdong Sihai made by A-grade raw material-tinplate, Fuji printing machine imported from Japan, and the Soudronic welding machine from Switzerland, strict quality control by each procedure, all cans 100% do leaking test before loading to ensure high quality.

52*195mm 65*100mm

diameter 52mm empty aerosol can diameter 65mm empty spray can

Products details

Thickness of body: 0.19~0.2mm

Thickness of Cone: 0.28/0.32mm

Thickness of Dome: 0.28/0.32mm

Deformation pressure: ≥1.3Mpa

Burst pressure: ≥1.5Mpa

Popular air freshener Diameter 52 & 65mm

diameter 52mm air freshener can Diameter 65mm automatic spray air freshener can

* Diameter 52mm is the regular one for aerosol air freshener, which is more convenience to use anywhere you wanted

* Diameter 65mm is mainly use for automatic spray machine, it can spray automatically by setting the time, use at washroom, shopping mall, hotel...

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