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/Butane Gas: the things you must to know
Butane Gas: the things you must to know 2019 / 03 / 30

  • Butane is used in gas cylinders for calibration of gas detectors or other gas detection equipment but also for cooking. Most people will recognise butane gas from their camping items for use in a tent or caravan. Butane is also utilised in a mixture with propane as a fuel in cigarette lighters. But the butane aerosol gas can may pose significant safety risks if the quality cannot meet the safty standard.

butane gas aerosol cans

gas stove use & camping gas aerosol cans &a fuel in cigarette lighters

  • All aerosol tin cans, made by Guangdong Sihai, are according to the standard GB/T19001-2016 and ISO9001:2015: deformation pressure ≥13.5 bar, burst pressure ≥15.0 bar. We also can supply high pressure can, deformation pressure ≥16.0 bar, burst pressure ≥18.0 bar for different customer's requirements.

Diameter 65mm Empty Aerosol Tin Cans

Size: diameter 65*159mm

Body tin thickness: 0.20mm

Aerosol cone tin thickness: 0.35mm

Aerosol dome tin thickness: 0.32mm

Deformation pressure ≥13.5 bar

Burst pressure ≥15.0 bar

Outside printing: CMYK

Inside Lacquer: clear

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