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Guangdong Sihai Emergency Rescue Drill for Production Safety Accidents 2019-07-05

As a production manufacturer, production safety is really important and necessary.Guangdong Sihai Iron-Printing and Tin-Making Co., Ltd unioned Zhucun street government to hold the Emergency Rescue Drill for Production Safety Accidents in 5th July.

Production Safety Accidents DrillObjectives & Effects

Standardize and improve emergency management and emergency response procedures for major hazard accidents, implement emergency rescue work in a timely and effective manner, minimize casualties, property losses and environmental pollution, and safeguard the safety of people's lives and property and social stability.


Production Safety Accidents Drill Tasks

  1. Departments involved in emergency rescue should clarify their emergency responsibilities, familiarize themselves with the relevant tasks to be carried out in order to fulfill these responsibilities, and initially master the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish these tasks.
  2. To test the ability of integration of organization, information and resources in emergency process, and to test the speed of mobile response and the ability of emergency rescue and rescue when emergency personnel and equipment rush to the scene.
  3. Expanding propaganda and education of emergency rescue and strengthening social disaster prevention capability.

  4. Demonstrate existing emergency facilities, tools and operational skills.


Guangdong Sihai has the honor to be selected as a place for Emergency Rescue Drill for Production Safety Accidents in Zhucun street, Zengcheng. There are about 400 enterprises from other factories in zengcheng come to our factory to attend performance. To be a manufacturer, production safety is very important. So the safety training is necessary, everyone need to know how to do during the danagerous, how to save oneself or others. We need to know more about knowledge and methods for the safety.

tin canstin cans

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