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Guangdong Sihai Company-Team Building Activity 2019-07-17

In 11th July 2019, a team building activity was held in Sanying Hot Spring Hotel. Thrity-one people, the elite from all sectors of Guangdong Sihai Iron-printing and Tin-making Co., Ltd., are expected to participate in the activity.

Two days one night Outdoor Bound is aimed at increase team cohesion and snatch a little leisure time from work for a while. To get everyone quickly fit in and adjust the state, we arranged three to five mini-games.

Before the game starts, all of us were divided into three groups (Each group around of 10 people).

  1. Rotating Ring Relay——The rope tied to one person is transferred to another person, and then transferred to another person. The team with the shortest time wins.
  2. Bei Shui Chuan Qing——Everyone was holding a paper cup in a row. One by one transmit the water in the cup by mouth Until the last one pours the water into prepared bucket, but no one can use other parts of the body except the mouth. In the stipulated time, the team with the most water in the barrel wins.
  3. Tear Brand——Three groups of people tore each other's brand name, and the remaining team is the winner.

On the second day of the event, we organized a summary meeting. Everyone can share freely about the gains and difficult from the work.

From this times activity, we know there have lots of advantages of team building which we feels a lot in this tiems Outdoor Bound.

  • clarify the team's goals, enhance the team spirit and team awareness of employees
  • a clear division of labor and cooperation will improve the ability of the team to better deal with problems when facing problems together, and exercise the team to cooperate with each other to achieve better and faster tasks
  • enhance the team's cohesiveness
  • increase mutual understanding among employees, allow employees to be mutually tolerant and trust each other, and let players respect each other
  • allows the players to recognize the individual differences, allowing the players to learn from each other's strengths and strive to progress in a better direction
  • coordinate the personal relationship of the team and enhance the feelings between the players
  • When there is a contradiction, the other players and the “leaders” in the team will coordinate their ideas. Players will also give up or temporarily slow down individual conflicts because of the team's interests, focusing on the overall situation.
  • After facing many difficulties together, the players will have a more tacit understanding. Together, they will also allow the players to care and understand each other and enhance the feelings between the players

Anyway, congradulations for the success of the activity. Thanks for your attention and reading. For more information of Guangdong Sihai or aerosol cans, pls contact us as bellow freely.

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