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Group training of Guangdong Sihai Company 2019-09-19

To achieve qualification rate at 100% for our output products and provide multiple and comprehensive services to our customers.

We carry out professional training in all aspects.

On July 30, 2019, the  sales representative Presily Liao organized   computer basic knowledge training in the training room on the fourth floor.This training is mainly about the basic knowledge of the application and operation of computers. In order to let employees know about computers, we will further popularize computer basics. Presily introduced three aspects of the computer's body-hardware system, the soul of the computer-software system, and the wonderful world of computers-computer network.
These three parts are complementary relationships. Through the course system, I believe that you have deepened your knowledge of computers and   basic basic operations.

On August 8th, 2019, the “Data Import Management” training organized by the Human Resources Department was launched in the conference room on the third floor. The training was given by the teacher Dong, and the management upgrade team members participated in the training.At the beginning of the training, Mr. Dong started the basic thinking logic of the program management, combined with the business operation ability and profitability, and decomposed and quantified the source of key data indicators of enterprise management, so that everyone understood the quantification process of data indicators.The training explanation system is clear, the key points are prominent, everyone carefully records, after the training, combined with the core process of the department and the implementation of the core data, everyone has a deeper and clearer understanding of the management process and core data, and the company will not compromise the core of the company. Process and core data to get the job done.

On August 9, 2019, the manager of PMC department ,Mr Li  organized EXCEL hands-on training in the training room on the fourth floor.
The training is aimed at office management personnel. EXCEL is used in the  usual work. The training process has a theory to explain and practical operation. The teacher seriously talks, the students seriously study, I believe  that in the future work can help everyone improve efficiency.

Group training of Guangdong Sihai Company

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