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What is spray paint? 2019 / 07 / 24

A type of artificial lacquer made of nitrocellulose, a resin, a pigment, a solvent, and so on. It is usually sprayed evenly on the surface of the object with a spray gun. It is resistant to water, oil and dry. It is used to paint cars, airplanes, wood, leather and so on. The substance is toxic and has a certain impact on the body. Different brands of spray paint have different toxicity due to different ingredients. Special care should be taken when using it to avoid inhalation and skin contact.

Painting precautions:

  • Spray the paint into a mist on the object to be coated with compressed air. (To include plastic, wood, metal)
  • Automatic painting is to inject the paint and gas into the jar for convenient transportation and storage. It is very convenient to use.

How to use acrylic paint:
  • Suggested selection Select the size and quantity according to 0.8m2/200ml. For the same color of the same work, it is best to select the same batch of products to avoid regional chromatic aberration.
  • Before spraying, it is recommended to select a similar product for the simulation test. In order to achieve the desired results.
  • Shake the product evenly up and down for 2 minutes before use, and mix the paint and gas with the built-in glass ball. For the best results.
  • Press the nozzle 25-35cm away from the spray surface, and evenly move the spray can to reach a spray strip, spray up and down to produce the spray surface. Do not spray continuously at one point, which will cause backflow (tears).
  • After use, if there is any remaining in the tank, it must be reversed, that is, the tank is inverted and sprayed 2~5 times to clean the remaining gas in the pipeline. Otherwise, the product will be discarded after 1 hour.

spray paint can

Spray paint purchase:

  • Ejection Rate——The discharge rate affects the effect of a bottle of paint that can be sprayed and sprayed. One of the performances of the discharge rate is the glass beads, which are shaken when using the self-painting. If the glass beads are smaller, the spray rate of the sprayed paint is higher, and the self-painting is better.
  • Spraying Area——The sprayed area of the spray paint is also required to pay attention to when purchasing. The spray area with high discharge rate is also large. If the spray rate is not high, more paint can be achieved. Therefore, it is best to choose self-painting with high discharge rate. The manufacturer is better.
  • Gloss——There are great differences in the wide gloss of self-painting produced by different manufacturers, and the good quality and self-painting color and brightness will be more comfortable in visual effects. At present, the self-painting brands on the market are better, Botny, III. And self-painting, Shenzhen Rainbow, these three paints are very good in terms of gloss and spray efficiency.

Spray Paint Can

Self-painting use method:

  • Shake the bottle before using self-painting to fully agitate the acrylic inside.
  • To maintain a distance of about 20 cm, the distance is too close to bubbles and accumulation, and too much waste will be caused.
  • Pay attention to the wind speed, wind level 2 or above is not suitable for self-painting.
  • Pay attention to dust, dust and small insects often cause troubles.
  • Self-painting can not be exposed to the sun, each time a thin layer, it takes a few minutes to spray again, repeated several times.
  • It must be done in one go.
  • After use, spray it upside down several times, then store in a cool place

The difference between paint and spray paint:

  • Difference in technology——Baking varnish is three times of primer on the substrate, four times of topcoat, each time the paint is sent to the dust-free room temperature baking room, baking. Spray paint is to grind the wool on the substrate, then spray paint on it, and dry naturally.
  • Difference in paint film——The paint is smooth and the color is the same. Prove that the paint film is even and full of color. The edges of the paint are rough and the color is lighter than the door panel. Prove that the paint film is uneven and the color is not full;
  • Difference in texture——The painted door panel has a smooth surface with no grain and orange peel. The surface of the painted door panel has a grainy surface, which is not smooth and has an orange peel phenomenon.
  • Difference in surface——The painted door panel is smooth and smooth. The surface of the painted door panel has particles, which are not smooth and have a strange touch.
  • Degree of wear resistance——The paint was hit with a hard object, and there was no abnormality, and the paint film was not damaged. There are cracks in the spray paint, and the serious paint film falls off and the white skin is off.

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