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Quality Control of Aerosol Can Production 2019 / 08 / 02

Aerosol products are present in different industries including cosmetic, technical, household and many more. These products are subject to number of controls both at the pre-production, in-process and post-production stages. Controls at the pre-production stage relate to checking the conformity of individual components that make up the aerosol packaging, as well as raw materials that are used to create the formula. The checks carried out during the production process are mainly focused on the verification of parameters at particular stages of production. Whereas, post-production checks are related to the evaluation of the finished product.

Requirements have to be met:

1. specified in binding LEGAL REGULATIONS, subject standards as well as domestic and foreign standards (FEA, CE, ISO)'

Guangdong Sihai Aerosol tin cans are manufactured according by the national standard and slightly higher than it. It also can customized to fit the requirements of different customer's needs.


  • Raw material inspection

Each raw material which is a part of formula is controlled in accordance to the internal requirements and procedures. The QC will takes a sample from each batch and each delivery of incoming raw material to check and test the appearance, color, density, pH of it. When all the parameters meet the specifications, the raw material is released for further production proceedings.

  • In-process control

To ensure that the container does not show visible and permanent deformations or leaks using appropriate test methods. Normally using air leakage testing machine and assistant with water-based testing.

  • Ready products control

Contact height, weight, outer and inner diameter of the opening, container end height and diameter at the end.

3. Packaging and delivery inspection

To design the appropriate packing ways to ensure the aerosol can will be in a good condition when it at the time of loading ot transportation.

The aerosol producers are very limited to the many legal requirements as well as standards, guidelines and arrangements with the clients. We, Guangdong Sihai, throught effective quality management system, including quality control, to achieve the markets requirements with quality and safety products.

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