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/Diameter 65 *100mm Automatic Refill Air Freshener Aerosol Tin Can
Diameter 65 *100mm Automatic Refill Air Freshener Aerosol Tin Can 2019 / 06 / 21

Air freshener is a chemical product that has been applied in the field of environmental sanitation in the 20th century and can be divided into:

  1. Aerosol type——Refers to a canned product that uses a propellant. When such products are used, the air freshener in the closed tank can be uniformly sprayed under the pressure generated by the propellant and form a suspended spray in the air.
  2. Spray type——Refers to a micro spray product that does not use a propellant

Air fresheners have a variety of flavors, such as single floral (jasmine, rose, fresh lemon, orange twist, wild flowers,  osmanthus, lily of the valley, gardenia, lily, and so on ), compound flavor,and so on. But basically consist of ether, flavor and other ingredients. Air fresheners can also be called "environmental perfumes". In recent years, various air fresheners have rapidly spread.


  • The price is cheap. This is the most obvious advantage of air fresheners. At present, the price of air fresheners sold in the general market is between 15-30 yuan, which is cheaper than car perfume.
  • Easy to use. The commonly used air fresheners are all aerosol-type, that is to say spray-on-use, and do not require any in-car facilities.
  • There are many fragrances to choose from. For some scented drivers, especially female drivers, it is too clean and environmentally friendly, and the scent of air fresheners is also the main reason for attracting them.

There are many types of air fresheners available on the market. According to their appearance, they can be divided into solid, liquid and aerosol.

Aerosol-type air fresheners are currently the most popular,especially the automatic refill air freshener. They have many advantages: easy to carry, easy to use, and fast fragrance.

Introduction of aerosol tin can for automatic refill air freshener.

automatic air freshener can

Automatic refill air freshener tin can

Size: 65*100mm

Printing: CMYK printing

Deformation pressure: ≥1.35Mpa

Burst pressure:  ≥1.50Mpa

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