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Celebration Aerosol Cans

/Customized CMYK printing empty tin spray can for aerosol snow spray By Guangdong Sihai

Customized CMYK printing empty tin spray can for aerosol snow spray By Guangdong Sihai

Celebration snow spray can, including diameter 45/52/57/65mm, customized CMYK printing.
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    Guangzhou/Shenzhen, China
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    T/T, Western Union etc.
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    CMYK/Pantone Color
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Product Details

Customized CMYK printing empty tin spray can for aerosol snow spray By Guangdong Sihai

Why choose Sihai?

  1. High Quality raw material-Tinplate
  2. Specialized technique team more than 15 years
  3. Strict QC system  
  4. Short lead time
  5. Professional Sales Team
  6. In time after-sales service

52mm snow spray can snow spray aerosol tin can

Different Sizes for Snow Spray

  • Size: Diameter 45/52/57/65mm   Height: 85~300mm   Type: Necked-in   Deform Pressure: ≥1.2Mpa   Burst Pressure: ≥1.4Mpa

More Products

  • Diameter: 60/70mm   Height: 100~253mm   Type: Necked-in/Straight-wall   Deform Pressure: ≥1.2Mpa   Burst Pressure: ≥1.4Mpa

sihai aerosol tin can sizes

Production Line

  • 4 advanced iron printing production lines and 2 coating lines with output of above 16 million sheets.
  • 10 high speed automatic can making production lines with annual output of 300 million pieces.
  • 21 full-automatic numerical control production lines for top and bottom to produce above 300 million pieces annually.

guangdong sihai iron printing   Guangdong Sihai aerosol can making  Guangdong Sihai Aerosol Can Components  Guangdong Sihai aerosol can factory


  • DOT
  • CE
  • ISO:9001:2015

Gungadong Sihai DOT Guangdong Sihai CE Certification  Guangdong Sihai ISO Certification



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