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What the Production Processes of Aerosol Tin Can 2021 / 01 / 11

Aerosol tin can, also called 3-piece tin can, it’s combined by printed tinplate sheet, cone and dome. What the production processes we make aerosol tin can?

Wire Cutting

2 automatic wire cutting lines with annual productivity over 20,000 tons.

wire cutting lines for aerosol can

Coating and Printing

3 Fuji Iron-Printing lines imported from Japan and 2 coating lines, annual output above 16 million sheets.

Guangdong Sihai aerosol can printing line Aerosol Tin Can Coating Line

Cone and Dome Pressing

27 full-automatic numerical control production lines for cone and dome, over 300 million pieces annually.

aerosol tin can cone and dome production lines


9 Soudronic can-making lines from Switzerland, annual production capacity reach 300 million pieces.

aersool can making lines

Quality Checking

All the products 100% passed leaking test, and manufactured in accordance with GB13042-2008 standards and managed according to ISO9001:2008 quality system.

aerosol tin can quality checking


Automatic packing machines for pallet.

aerosol can automatic packing

We Guangdong Sihai Iron-Printing and Tin-Making Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing aerosol tin can over 23 years. Our product sizes including diameter 45/52/57/60/65/70mm, height from 85~300mm. We can also sell printed tinplate sheet, cone and dome, welcome to send your inquiry with detail sizes.

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