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The Quality and Requirements of Aerosol Tin Can 2019 / 11 / 06

Appearance requirements:

  • printing: the printed image and text are clear and complete and consistent with the sample color, but slight color difference approved by the customer is allowed, and the image and text overprint is accurate.
  • scratch: there are no obvious scratches (no more than 0.3mm * 20MM) on the main part of the printing and no more than three.
  • appearance: the tank body shall be flat and free of rust spots. The inner coating of the tank with inner coating shall be uniform and free of bulges and impurities.

aerosol tin can

Size requirements:

  • outer diameter of the tank mouth - 31.20 ± 0.15mm;
  • inner diameter of the tank mouth - 25.40 ± 0.10mm;
  • contact height of the tank mouth - 4.00 ± 0.13MM; D. curling radius of the tank mouth - 1.45mm; e. nominal height of the tank mouth - 1.0mm.

Strength requirements:

  • when the valve is sealed, the tank mouth, curling edge and other parts of the empty tank will not be deformed;
  • when the empty tank parts are generally impacted, they will not be deformed;
  • the hardness value hr30t is 48-65.

Pressure resistance requirements:

  • mainland China: deformation 1.2MPa or more, blasting 1.4mpa, leakage pressure 0.8-0.85mpa, 1min;
  • Taiwan, China: 1.28/1.48;
  • Japan and the United States: 1.282/1.476.
  • high pressure tank and ultra-high pressure tank: high pressure, 1.5/1.8, ultra-high pressure, 1.8/2.3mpa.

Internal and external coating requirements:

  • adhesion test (200g / level II): coating does not fall off.
  • hardness of external coating: ≥ 2H;
  • heat resistance test (55 ℃, 15mm): internal and external coating does not fall off and wrinkle;
  • density of internal coating of aluminum tank (conductivity value): ≥ 30mA.

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