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Product Details for Diameter 57mm Aerosol Tin Can 2020 / 08 / 10

Diameter 57mm empty aerosol tin cans popular in spray paint, insecticide, hair spray, snow spray, car care products..., which with larger volume than diameter 52mm, and more suitable for manual use. We can do the can height from 100 to 240mm, see more details product information as below.

Type: Necked-in

Color of cone & dome: clear lacquer/golden lacquer/white coating/black...

Outside of can body: CMYK/pantone color

Inner of can body: plain/golden lacquer

Thickness of can body: 0.20mm

Deform Pressure:≥1.3Mpa

Burst Pressure:≥1.5Mpa

Packing: pallet/carton

Delivery date: 15-20days

Recommend sizes:

Spray paint: 57*166mm, about 300ml

spray paint aerosol can

Insecticide: 57*200mm, about 400ml

insecticide aerosol can

Car care : 57*207mm, about 400ml

aerosol tin can for car care

Hair spray: 57*220mm, about 450ml

Also we manufacturer diameter 45/52/60/65/70mm, height from 85-300mm. The production lines with 4 iron-printing lines and 10 can-making lines, capacity reach 300 million pieces cans,  welcome to send your inquiry with detail sizes.

various aerosol tin can aerosol spray can

aerosol can printing machine aerosol can can-making lines

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