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/Application of empty aerosol tin cans in automotive aerosols products
Application of empty aerosol tin cans in automotive aerosols products 2023-10-06
Aerosol products for automotive use greatly satisfy people's needs for car care and grooming with their convenience, speed and cleanliness of use, and occupy an important position in the automotive care products industry. The following is a short list of such products:
1、Windshield de-icer
3、Engine degreaser
4、Automotive spray paint
5、Automotive cleaners
6、Tire sealants and re-inflators
7、automotive interior coolants
8、Car air fresheners
9、Exterior car cleaners and wax polishes

There are also motorcycle and bike specific aerosols such as drive chain lubricants. Currently, some of the more common car care aerosol products in our daily lives are foam cleaners, dashboard waxes, carburetor cleaners, and so on.

No matter which kind of car care aerosol products, their production process is more or less the same, the main difference lies in their raw material formula and the proportion of the difference. Most of them are packed in aerosol tin cans.

Guangdong Sihai has been specialized in manufacturing empty aerosol tin cans and aerosol cans components for 25 years, and we can produce empty aerosol cans with diameters of 45/52/57/60/65/70mm, which can be applied to a variety of different automotive aerosol products.

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