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/An Audit Management System Test of Guangdong Sihai
An Audit Management System Test of Guangdong Sihai 2019-10-31

A good company is a school. The audit management system has been in operation for 2 months. How does the auditor understand it? What is the effect of the operation?

To achieve qualification rate at 100% for our output products, our company has carried out a professional test.All the management personnel of Sihai Company participated in the professional test.


This exam is a good test opportunity and therefore has a special significance and representation. After on-site scoring, the results of this test are ideal and exceed the expected goals. I hope that he can drive the learning boom of the company and guide everyone through their own actions, learning the system and using the system.



Continuous training not only allows employees to gain personal knowledge and ability, but also enables employees to express their gratitude to the company to enable them to grow, develop and realize their own values. This result inspires morale, stimulates potential and effectively mobilizes its enthusiasm and initiative. The emergence of employee professionalism will naturally enhance the company's centripetal force and cohesion.

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