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  • The history of Guangdong Sihai
    The history of Guangdong Sihai
    2019-05-14 Read More
    In 1998 Sihai Iron-Printing and Tin-Making Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturering and selling iron printing, tin and tinplate, which was established in1998. The new Phase II factory was regarded as one of 20 important projects of Zengcheng Guangzhou in 2007. In 2008 The 10th anniversary celebra...
  • Understand Aerosols Correctly
    Understand Aerosols Correctly
    May 04, 2019 Read More
    Introduction of Aerosols An aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets, in air or another gas. Aerosols can be natural or anthropogenic. Examples of natural aerosols are fog, dust, forest exudates and geyser steam. Examples of anthropogenic aerosols are haze, particulate air ...
  • Review: Sihai 20th Anniversary Celebration
    Review: Sihai 20th Anniversary Celebration
    2018-03-26 Read More
    On March 26, 2018, the 20th anniversary celebration ceremony hosted by Guangdong Sihai Iron-printing and Tin-making Co., Ltd., with the theme of “Crossing the Brilliance and Soaring the Future”, kicked off in the factory area of Guangdong Sihai Iron-printing and Tin-making Co., Ltd. The day, Pr...
  • Review: India Aerosol Expo
    Review: India Aerosol Expo
    Jan 24, 2019 Read More
    Ehibition Details: Booth stand: No.7 Hall 5 Hall Name: Bombay Exhibition Center, NESCO Compound,Mubai Add: Mubai, India That's the first time Sihai group attend the India Aerosol Expo. Through this exhibition, except for finding the new markets, Sihai also take his oppotunity to ...
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